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Harlequin sculpture on display at Gallery 202 in Franklin, TN.

Harlequin sculpture on display at Gallery 202 in Franklin, TN.

On an unusually bright October morning I arrived at Gallery 202 in Franklin, Tennessee for what I thought was going to be a meet-and-greet with the editor of Nashville Arts Magazine. Much to my surprise a photographer tagged along. And it was only when he began taking pictures of the Josephine sculptures that I realized this was a bit more than the interview-for-an-interview as I assumed. It was, in fact, the interview itself. Well, the first part to be exact. I met the journalist at Gallery 202 two weeks later for the written portion.

Nicer people you could never hope to meet. Bright. Enthusiastic. Lovers of art and artists. It was an honor to be profiled by such supportive people.

An excerpt of the article by Karen Parr-Moody:

As a teenager, sculptor Emily Allison was a clotheshorse intent on achieving glamour. She woke up early each morning to glue thick false eyelashes to her lids before heading out for school. “That was Texas,” she says. “They do that in Texas.”

Today she applies ornamentation not so much onto her own body—she can be found, on any given day, dressed casually—but onto the sylphlike figures she sculpts. Copper wire, carved teak bowls, and wood spindles from old chairs or tables: All of these found objects find a place in the female figures that Allison sculpts. She builds up their bodies in layers of papier-mâché, a readily available material such as a folk artist might use…

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